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2005 Sour Patch Extreme Package. (Photo Credit: CandyCollecting.Com)

Sour Patch Extreme is a flavor that was released sometime in The 2000's. There are 2 Kinds of this Flavor made.


The first version included Sour Heads. The Heads had 2 Super Sour Flavors in 1. They had these following flavors included.

  • Orange Blue Raspberry
  • Watermelon Grape
  • Strawberry Green Apple

2012-6 Years Ago[]

In 2012, Sour Patch Kids redesigned their packaging, and 

2012 Sour Patch Kids Extreme Package.

some of thier candies. The Sour Heads were retired. (Along with some Older Flavors, and Old Packaging.)

Now, they are in the shape of Sour Patch Kids. There are 4 Different Flavors you can get. There are also 3 Flavors that returned from The Sour Heads.

The Flavors you can get are:

  • Orange
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Strawberry (Not Available in Canada)
  • Green Apple
  • Cherry or Raspberry (Canadian Pack Only)