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JctGoozer JctGoozer 8 April 2020

Will Corona Virus effect the sales of Sour Patch Kids?

These sweet yet oh so sour boys are my life-blood. I simply can't go a day without my SPK. However, something that I find deeply troubling is all this Corona-business. I go to the store every day to stock up on SPK and SPK-Watermelon but people give me dirty looks for not wearing a mask. I can't help it. I can't block my bodies only entrance for SPK. Some people tell me that going out just to buy sour patch kids is "not an essential trip" and that i should be practicing "social distancing". That's a load of malarky. I simply must consume sour patch kids every single day, no exceptions. I usually eat 5-6 of the 3.5 oz boxes a day, so if I don't go out to buy more, I'll be out of SPK in just under 27 days! I'm also concerned Corona will halt…

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